Joseph Lumpkin
(joined on 8-22-99)
Primary Style: Hapkido, 5th dan
Secondary Styles: Shotokan karate'- 2nd dan,  Judo - 2nd dan,  Aikido - brown belt
School: Instructor / The Christian Hapkido Federation has over 200 members and is conducted out of the Blountsville United Methodist Church
Location: Blountsville, Alabama.
Affiliations: Grace martial arts fellowship and Karate' for Christ
Training: Began 1972, in Indianapolis, In. Under Jim Hiner (Shotokan and Judo), and under B. Q. Park (Hapkido)

Dr. Charles Owens
(joined on 8/24/99)
Primary Styles:
8th dan, KiDo'Kyo (Comprehensive TaeKwonDo/Christian Ministry)
7th dan, Jung Moo Kwan (Tae Kwon Do - sorim mit soryong yu)
7th dan, KiDoHae (Traditional Korean Martial Arts)
5th dan, ITF (Taekwon-Do - ch'ang hon)
Instructor (33 years experience) / The School Of Righteousness
Dr. Charles Owens, pastor
First Baptist Church of Saks
4723 Saks Road
Anniston, AL 36206
(256) 237-6932  ext. 112
FAX (256) 238-9549
Founder, President, Chief Instructor, KiDo'Kyo Christian Tae Kwon Do Association
President, National Training Director, U.S. Jung Moo Kwan Association
Sorim mit Soryong Yu Tae Kwon Do (formerly Kong Soo Do)
Instructors: Wan-Yung Chung, Park Jung Tae, Choi Hong Hi, Kwang Duk Chung

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