Ian Adams
(joined on 4-25-00)
Primary Style: Kenpo-4th dan
Secondary Style: Shotokan, Budo Taijutsu
School: Instructor / Riverside Christian Kenpo Karate Club
Location: Riverside, California
Training: started in 1982

Scot A. Conway
(joined on 8-27-99)
Primary Style: Guardian Kempo, 6th dan, Soke.
Secondary Styles: Way of Guardian, master instructor.
Chinese Kempo Chuan Shu, 6th dan.  Keichu Hoshin Ryu, 3rd dan.  Mukashi
Kindai Ryu, 2nd dan.  Shiho Karano, 1st dan.  Kara Ho Kempo, 1st dan.
School: Master Instructor / Guardian Quest Academy
Location: San Diego, CA
Mail: P.O.Box 19802, San Diego, CA 92159
(619) 582-8770
Affiliations: Christian Martial Arts International,
American Council on Martial Arts, National Association of
Professional Martial Artists
Training: Started in 1971

"I came to Christ through my intellect.  I teach an Adult Sunday School Class, 'Tough Minds, Tender Hearts' and 1999-2000 is 'No Blind Faith' year.  We tackle intellectual questions and objections to Christianity and critique our own faith and our approaches."

Josh Davis
(joined on 9-9-99)
Primary Style: Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, Shodan
Secondary Styles: Wing Chun Kung Fu
School: Practitioner
Location: Auburn, CA
Affiliations: Christian Jujitsu Association
Training: began in January, 1996

Brian T. Henderson
 (joined on 8-26-99)
Primary Style: 3rd Degree Black-Kajukenbo/Kenpo Karate;
Senior Level Instructor in Cabauatan System of Escrima
Secondary Styles: Aikido-Judo-Wrestling
School: Instructor / The Christian Martial Arts Ministry
Location: 866 Imperial Beach Blvd., Imperial Beach, CA. 92132
Affiliations: Leeward Kenpo Karate Association.
I am also an ordained Chaplain, and certified through
International Conference of Police Chaplains
Training: Started in 1975
"God Is Awesome!  He has to be to love a WRETCH like me!  Thank-you Jesus!! Please see my Testimonial found in this article:
All Glory Honor and Praise to you Jesus!"
Pastor Michael P. Jurna
(joined on 8-17-00)
Primary Style: Seidokan Karate Kobudo & Toide - Nidan
Secondary Styles: American Kenpo - Nidan
Aikijujitsu - Shodan
Tang Soo Do - Shodan
Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Kwon - Shodan
School: Owner / Instructor (My instructor teaches the adult classes - Hanshi Hobbs)
First Baptist Church of Olivehurst
c/o Christian Martial Arts Academy
Location: PO Box 578
Olivehurst, CA 95969
Affiliations: All Okinawa Seidokan Karate Kobudo Renmei
Gospel Martial Arts Union
Christian Martial Arts Association
Grace Martial Arts Fellowship
Training: began in 1975 - Tang Soo Do (age 14); under Master William Clingan 8 Dan
 Websites: - Church Webpage - Martial Arts
"I am the Sr. Pastor at First Baptist Church of Olivehurst. This is my third school that I have started for HIS honor and HIS glory. We are a small fellowship that God has really blessed in the past 21 mos of being here.
I was saved while Stationed in West Germany at Ramstein AB in 1988. God has called and I have answered... "Here am I Lord!"  Our class is made up mostly of hispanics which at times have taught in Spanish instead of English or Japanese.
It is my conviction that as Christian Martial Artist we need not only to support each other but to fellowship one with another. Para los que no hablan bein el ingles, tambien hablo el Espanol, mi madre y esposa son de Espana."

Chad Kampbell
(joined on 9-30-99)
Primary Style: Taekwondo, yellow belt
Secondary Style: Basic Kenjutsu
School Location: Practitioner / Simi Valley CA USA
Training: started 9 years ago

Rafael & Joan Kosche
(joined on 10-22-99)
Primary Style: Joan is 1st Dan Kyukushinkai,
Rafael does LINE training from the USMC.
Business: Owners / Valley Martial Arts Supply
Location: 5638 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 769-0436, fax (818) 769-3257
Training: Joan started in 1975, Rafael started in 1989

"Joan & and I have been Christians for over 15 years.  We are deeply committed to helping others get to know Christ better. Feel free to contacts us for anything."

Kavan Lee
 (joined on 8-29-99)
Primary Style: IHF Hapkido, 1st dan
Secondary Styles: I have dabbled in Taekwondo and oldstyle Hapkido.
School: Practitioner / I do not own a school but I taught at my dojang for a few years, but am currently inactive as an instructor due to time and schedule constraints (college student).
Location: I reside in San Francisco, CA, but spend the school year in Los Angeles,
at UCLA.
Affiliations: International Hapkido Federation (Myoung Jae Nam)
Training: Started in November 1993. 
Scott MacPherson
(joined on 3-30-00)
Primary Style: John McCurry's Balika JuJitsu (level 2)
Secondary Styles: Congress of American Knife Fighters (Basic Instructor)
Presas Style Arnis (Basic Instructor)
Cobra/Python Silat
Wing Chun Kung Fu
School: Practitioner / John McCurry's backyard
Location: Long Beach, CA
Affiliations: Hock Hochheim's Scientific Fighting Congress
Training: began in January, 1994 
Richard Mieir-King
(joined on 7-13-00)
Primary Style: 5 Animal 5 Family Kung-Fu - Master
School: Instructor / King's Kung-Fu Association
Location: 4333 Ostrom Avenue, Lakewood, California, 90713
Affiliations: North American Black Belt Hall of Fame, Soo Shim Hosinsul Federation
Training: Began in 1971
 Website: or

Joseph Morrill
(joined on 4-4-00)
Primary Style: Kosho-Ryu, Blue Belt
Secondary Style: Kajukenbo, Kung Fu
School: Practitioner / Bowles Martial Art Academy
Location: Chula Vista, CA.  USA
Affiliations: Mitose International Kosho-ryu Kenpo Association
Training: started 8/98

Alex Paredes
(joined on 3-14-00)
Primary Style: World Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do 3rd Dan Black Belt
Secondary Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
School: Instructor / Upland YMCA
Location: California
Affiliations: Under Grand Master Nam Suk Lee and Master Jon Wiedenman White Tiger Tae Kwon Do
Training: I started in 1985 with Wu Shu Kung Fu.  In 1987 I started Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do and In 1998-99 I received training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
"A student is not above his teacher, but a well trained student will be like his teacher.  Luke 6:40"

Rich Smith
(joined on 8-30-99)
Primary Style: Kung Fu San Soo
School: Practitioner / Dave Hopkins Kung Fu San Soo
Location: Riverside, CA
Training: Began in 8/97

Adam P. Spence
(joined on 8-23-99)
Primary Styles: Arnis / Escrima / Kali - Guru, Traditional Kempo - Nidan
 School: Instructor / Koinonia Martial Arts Center
Location: 8510-D Madison Avenue, Fair Oaks, CA  95628  (916) 961-3131
Affiliations: Board Member-Koinonia Fellowship of Martial Artists, Martial Arts Collective Society
Training: I began my training at the age of 17-18 years with Paul Silva /Seventh Dan Parker Kenpo and Guru/ Kempo EscrimaGuro/ Penjak Silat.

"I spent most of my young life as a rebel, and found the Lord at the age of 16 years old.  The fire left after about a week and I became the best prodigal son I could be.  Later, at the age of 21, God put me in my place and brought be back with hHis firm and loving hand.  I was introduced to my wife who subsequently gave her life to Christ.  We've been married ever since and have three Christian Children.  i was called to serve the Lord with my martial arts in January of 1998 and now opened a Christian Martial Arts Center recently which God is blessing beyond my wildest dreams and i know this is just the beginning.  I love the Lord and will serve him all the days of my life."

Steve Spry
(joined on 8-30-99)
Primary Style: American Kenpo
Secondary Styles: Aikido, Lua, Jujitsu, Lima-Lama.
I have five Black Belts in the styles mentioned
with my highest rank being 8th Degree.
 School: Instructor / Owner of the Steve Spry Karate Institute
Location: 15071 Golden West St., Huntington Beach, CA  92647
Affiliations: Founder and President of the IKKI Mind Body Spirit
Training: Began in 1964
"Knowledge from Man... Wisdom from God"

David Tran
(joined on 10-19-99)
Primary Style: TKD, Testing for 2nd Dan
Secondary Styles: Joongbong, judo, HKD, Jujitsu
 School: Instructor / Koinonia Taekwondo Academy (BH)
Location: Los Angelos, CA
Affiliations: AAU, WTF, USTU, USNTF
Training: started 6/93 
Damian and Troy Weber
(joined on 12-8-99)
Primary Style: Koden Kan
Secondary Styles: Kuk Sool Won
 School: Instructors / Greensone Martial Arts Academy
Location: Placerville,CA  95667
Affiliations: United States Martial Arts Association #2007
Golden State Karate Association #9995
World Kuk Sool Association #916-6-111
Combat Martial Arts
Shintai Ryu Martial Arts Association
International Kenpo Karate Institute #161
Training: Began April, 1992
 Website: This is the site that we use to share martial arts videos:
"Thanks to our parents they show us the way."

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