KiDoKyo requires Bible Study as part of our overall curriculum.  Here are ways we include Bible study in our structure ...

1.  Every class begins with a Bible lesson about "Biblical Martial Artists" or a  Biblical topic related to some aspect of karate training such as "Basics" - "Shielding" - "Countering The Enemy" - "How To Deliver A Death Blow" - "Trained Hands" - and countless others.

2.  We relate every hyung (kata) by name and philosophy to a Biblical topic. For example, the Pyong An (Pinan/Heian) forms mean "peace and safety."  Pal Sek (Bassai) means "to storm the gate."  Chul Gi (Naihanchi/Tekki) means "war-horse" or "iron horse."  Kwon Gong (Kwanku/Kushanku) means "to look up at the sky," and so forth. Biblical research is required on these topics and scriptures related to the meanings and philosophies of the forms are also required in thesis-form as part of the form-learning-process.

3.  Students are given a worksheet on topics of discipleship to complete each semester (our sessions are divided into "semesters").  This is part of their rank requirement.

Dr. Charles Owens
KiDo'Kyo Christian Tae Kwon Do Association
Alabama, USA

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