Darrin F. Coe

(joined on 8-30-99)

Primary Styles: 3rd Degree Black Sash, Certified Instructor in Taiji/Bagwa
1st Dan Instructor, Quan Li K'an
Secondary Styles: Aikido, Judo, RyuKyu Kempo Kyoshu Jitsu, Arnis De Mano
 Baston Batongas, ranked as an advanced student in JKD
 School: Instructor / Colorado Christian Taiji Boxing Academy
Location: Cañon City, CO 81212  -  (719)-275-5907
Affiliations: Fellowship of Christian Martial Artists
     World Taiji Boxing Association
     American Martial Arts Alliance
Training: Began Training in the Martial Arts in 1991
Publications: Black Belt Feb. 1998
     Journal of Combat and Healing (numerous)
     FCMA sentinal (numerous)

"I have known Christ my whole life. I was raised in the Assembly of God Church and fell away from Christ and chose to be an alcoholic for several years. Christ used martial arts to bring me back to him and I find that my service to him and my training in the arts are one in the same.  Martial arts is now one big object lesson in Christian discipline."

Bob Davis
(joined on 8-27-99)

Primary Style: Taekwondo, 7th Dan
Secondary Styles: Yudo 2nd dan, Karate 6th dan
School: Instructor and school owner / Omega Karate
Locations: 1562 n. Park St., Castle Rock, Co. 80104 and
17864 Cottonwood Dr., Parker, Co. 80134
Affiliations: JJIF, World Congress of Martial Arts
Training: Started in the early 1960's

"Came to the Lord as a child. Worked in Youth for Christ. Trained to become a
minister. Left the faith for many years but the Lord is faithfull and thru the power of the prayers of my wife Kathy, I came back into fellowship with my
Lord and Saviour!! God is always faithful even when we are not."

Bob Orlando
 (joined on 9-12-99)

Primary Style: Chinese kuntao and pentjak silat.
Rank: "Guru, Full Teacher and Rank" (from Willem de Thouars 8/31/94).
Secondary Styles: Black belt ranks held in Chinese kempo and kung fu.
We also study Filipino martial arts (I hold no rank in FMAs).
School Location: Instructor / Denver, Colorado
Training: Some in the Marines 1962-64, but not enough to count.
I began in earnest in 1969.

You can read Mr. Orlando's personal testimony by going to:

"Sola Deo Gloria"

Danny W. Young
(joined on 8-25-99)

Primary Style: Silat/Kuntao
Secondary Styles: Tae Kwon Do, 2nd Dan, Jujitsu, Black belt, Pentjak Silat
School: Je-Du-Too
Location: Denver, CO
Affiliations: The United States Ju-Jitsu Federation
Training: Began on August 19, 1990
Website: Christian Martial Arts/Joy in the Journey

"I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was eleven years old. Over the years I have found God's love to be unfailing, and forever faithful. You can read my testimony on my website at:"

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