David L. Taylor Sr's personal testimony:
"I am an Ordained Minister, the second generation of -now- three generations of ministers in the Taylor family..  Actually my family tree goes back to the 1500's in England to Dr. Rowland Taylor, who is mentioned in the "Foxes Book of Martyrs".   So I have a rich heritage in ministry.
I was raised in a Christian home.. Literally on a "pew", and at a very early age I gave my heart to Jesus.  At about age 13 I knew that I was called to the Ministry, and gave my first message at a youth service. ( It lasted about 10 minutes).  Later in life I drifted away from service to the Lord, - going through the rebellious teen years.  But after I got married and started to settle down I rededicated my life to the Lord.
Over the years I have pastored two different churches, and evangelized full-time for several years.  I actually got into police work accidentally, and have stayed with it these 17 plus years.  I have had the opportunity many times to minister,/ witness/ preach if you will to men and women that I have arrested.  Only eternity will tell the results.
I still minister in the Pulpit from time to time and I have a teaching ministry. I am still in the process of  putting together a WebPages for myself.  ( I spent a lot of time designing and keeping up with a web page for my son's Church in Decatur IL.)"
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