Major (ret) Michael "Major Dad" Reisman
(joined 8-21-99)

Primary Style: American Kenpo (Ed Parker style)
School: Part-Time Instructor / CCKK - Christian Combat Kenpo Karate
Location: Mt Home AFB, ID
Affiliations: BBFI - Black Belts of the Faith
IKKA - International Kenpo Karate Association
Training: Started studying Kenpo in Phoenix, AZ after he got out of the Army initially under the late Master Conners from 1972 to 1983.

Major Reisman came to know the Lord at Bethany Bible Church, Phoenix, AZ during Vacation Bible School in Jr. High an 7-11-65 and was baptised a few weeks later. He says, "I realize baptism does not save you, but it was a public confession of how the Lord washed away my sins. Baptism is not required to go to Heaven, accepting the Lord as your Savior does.  I just feel Baptism is an important step in Christian growth. I consider myself a Christian first and a Bible/Baptist second."

"My civilian job is as a Family Nurse Practitioner RN-FNP.  I do fill in work and my area of specialty is ER/ED and Primary Care. I run about 18-20 miles a week and lift at least twice.  I do try to teach on the side ages 6-66 :o)  I truly enjoy the teaching of the Martial Arts.  I feel a Christian can be a good witness as an athelete in the MA's."

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