James Bregenzer
(joined on 11-28-99)

Primary Style: Gray Crane Kung-Fu Systems ... Founder/Grand Master
Secondary Styles: Judo & Tae-Kwon-Do ... 2nd Black in both.
School: Gray Crane Kung-Fu Systems
Location: Rolling Meadows, IL  60008-2241
Training: Started in 9/1966

"Christ has been the most important influence in my life and has put meaning and structure in my art as well."

Bill Preston
(joined on 10-2-99)

Primary Style: Chung Moo Doe/Oom Yung Doe- 3rd Degree Black
School: Saang saabum ( Head Instructor) /
Martial Arts Training and Fitness Center
Location: Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Affiliations: American College of Sports Medicine
Training: Started in 1984

"I am a lay leader ( and occasional lay preacher) in our local Methodist church, and am certified as an instructor for the Disciple bible study course.  Representative scriptures concerning my personal ethics are Micah 6:8 and Matthew 25:34-45.  Currently I am taking much of the heat for our church's decision to be  a host site for the B.E.D.S. program, with each site providing space once night weekly, mid-October through mid-April ( the program is similar to the more familiar P.A.D.S. program)."

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