Master Jim Mahan
(joined on 10-31-99)

Primary Style: Filipino Kali~Silat   6th degree black
Secondary Style: hendo Aikijitsu  5th degree black
School: Certified Master Instructor / Filipino Combat Arts Academy
Location: Ft. Knox, Kentucky
Affiliations: World Combat Arts Federation
Training: Started in 1979

"Came to be reunited with Christ again last year at First Assembly of God (Ridgeway Rd) in Pine Bluff, Arkansas"

Dr. Walter L. (Wally) Mantooth
(joined on 9-8-99)

Primary Style: Cuong Nhu, nidan
Secondary Style: Wado Ryu, brown belt
School: Head Instructor /  Living Water dojo
Location: Baptist Student Center -
Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Affiliations: Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts
Training: Wado Ryu (to rank of brown belt)  Sensei Kim Pilkinton, YMCA, Louisville, Ky.  1978-80
Cuong Nhu (to rank of black belt)  Sensei Joe Contarino,
LaFayette Styowana Cuong Nhu, LaFayette, Georgia. 1986-89
(Shodan) 1990       (Nidan) 1996
Website: Living Water Cuong Nhu web site

"Blessed to be from a Christian family, I called on Jesus as Lord in spring revival at the age of six.  Surrendered to the call to preach at age 15; licensed into the ministry at 16; majored in religious studies with a psychology minor;  B.A. from Western Kentucky University in 1977. Ordained into the Gospel ministry in 1978;  Began martial arts training while in seminary.  M.Div. from Southern Baptist Seminary in 1980.  In full-time church ministry following graduation.  First pastorate in LaFayette, Ga. in 1985 and "started over" as a white belt in Cuong Nhu in 1986.   Founded Living Water dojo in 1990.  D.Min. from Southern Baptist Center for Biblical Studies in 1993.  Currently pastoring The First Cedar Creek Baptist Church in Bardstown, Ky and developing an intimacy of relationship
with my Master...The Lord Jesus!"

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