Vicki J. Dees
(joined on 9-9-99)
Primary Style: Pasaryu Taekwondo 1st Dan (Blackbelt)
Secondary Style: Kyokushinkai Karate - Orange Belt
School: I used to attend Robert Blackstone's Karate Institute, in Southaven, MS then later, after instructor changes, it became Shiloh Karate Institute in OliveBranch, MS.
Training: started in November 1995
 Website: http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Stadium/9750/martialarts.html

"I became a Christian since the age of ten, after attending Living Waters Bible Camp, in Westby, WI.  My parent's were not active members of a church but allowed me to attend if i wanted to.  As I got older, my parents became saved, but still never attended church.  I then later on, after moving to Mississippi, became a better Christian, and got involved with the Christian Martial Arts.  Just recently, after many changes with our school, and instuctor changes, God laid it on my heart to leave, and I did as he requested.  I believe in standing up for Him, no matter what the fear of rejection may be."

Cortney Lane
(joined 8-22-99)
Primary Style: TaeKwonDo, green belt (halfway to black at my school)
Secondary Styles: Tai Chi Chuan & Pasaryu
School: Practitioner / YMCA
Location: Magee, Ms
Affiliations: World Black Belt Bureau
Training: Began in January of 1999

Katie Martin
(joined on 6-22-00)
Primary Style: Shotokan - Brown 2nd kyu
Secondary Style: Kyokushinkai
School: Practitioner / Aiki Karate
Location: Hernando, Ms
Training: began in 1991
 "Joined christian club in college where I met a good Christian friend that also was a martial artist! Also, previous and current dojos that I attend are christian based."

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