Monua Cary
(joined on 8-17-00)
Primary Style: Jujitsu / Rank:  Nidan
School: Instructor /  USA Jujitsu and Martial Arts Federation / Unity Martial Arts
Location: 600 South Rock Blvd, #18, Reno, NV 89503
Affiliations: Jujitsu America, USAJAMAF/UMA, WCJJO
Training: I started training in 1992
 School Website:
"I have been a born again christian since 1980.  I truly believe that martial artists can be a great witness to the world, and dispell any false accusations relating to the art.  In 1995 the Lord blessed my martial arts career to the fullest:  I became the first woman from the United States to ever win the gold medal in the World Jujitsu Championships, held in Auckland, New Zealand.  I am a current member and trainer, in good standing with the United States Jujitsu Team, under the World Council of Jujitsu Organizations.  I have been blessed beyond my deepest imaginings, and my desire is to share my Faith, and the gifting and callings the Lord has placed upon my life, with others.  God makes possible the impossible, and He uses people like us to change things in the earth today.  I believe we are the last generation before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, therefore we need to stand up and empower, build, and impart the greatness He has placed in us."

Robert Jones
(joined on 12-7-99)
Primary Style: American Kenpo, 4th degree black belt
Secondary Style: Jung Sim Do, a Korean Martial Art, 4th Degree Black Belt
School: Instructor-Owner / East West Kenpo Karate Studios
Location: 2301 E. Sunset Road, Suite 22, Las Vegas, NV 89119-4933
Training: I have trained since 1972.

Kevin Schaller
(joined 8-21-99)
Primary Style: Kenpo, nidan
Secondary Styles: jujitsu, muay thai
School: Head Sensei / Adaptive Martial Arts (Carson Valley Christain Center)
Location: PO Box 357, Genoa, Nevada 89411
(Physical: 2221 Meridian Blvd., Minden, NV)
Affiliations: Koinonia Fellowship of Martial Artists, BBFI, GMAU, ATAMA, USMAA
Training: began in 1984

"I accepted Christ as an adult (age25), 1983 at a Rich Wilkerson Youth Crusade in San Jose, CA. My girlfriend brought me (now wife of 15 years and supermom of our 3 kids) Grew in maturity and life experience, with our family and 3 years ago, moved out of Silicon Valley to the High Sierras of Nevada. (about 20 minutes from Lake Tahoe) Joined a new startup church (baptist) on launch Sunday in Feb. 98, launched martial arts outreach Jan 99 with Pastor John Jackson's enthusiastic support. 145 registered students now (8-99) with about 60 regularly attending twice weekly classes at the church. 3000 ft training facility. God's really blessed the program and we're growing rapidly. Largely unchurched community, so the martial arts have been a great draw and opportunity for evangelism. I would be more than happy to share the proposal format with any interested instructor as to launching this type of outreach. We don't charge tuition, but ask for $10 a month for the lease expense offset and $10-$20 for belt tests (belt cost & certificates) God blessed me with a successful business, so it allows me to do this for Him."

 Lawrence Valadez
(joined on 8-22-99)
Primary Style: Kenpo Karate, 3rd Dan
Secondary Styles: Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, Jujitsu
School: Instructor / VALADEZ KENPO ACADEMY
Location: Reno, Nevada
Training: started in 1975
"When I was down and out, Christ helped me get back on my feet and I am still learning about him, but I do know that I can not live with out him."

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