Pastor Jim Garrett & James Christian Garrett
(joined on 8-24-99)

Primary Style: Pastor Jim Garrett-3rd Dan Kenpo Karate,
James Christian (15)- 1st Dan Kenpo Karate
Secondary Styles:Both of us have studied Kenpo, TaeKwonDo, White Tiger KungFu, ShornJi Kenpo. I have also studied ITF Tae Kwon Do as well as WTF TaeKwon Do and ShuriRyu Karate
School: Instructors / Cathedral Martial Arts
Location: 5225 W. Alexis Road, Sylvania, Ohio
(419)- 882- 8463 or (419)-885-4408
Affiliations: We are both affiliated with Black Belts of the Faith International, Gospel Martial Arts Union, Christian Black Belt Association, and Fellowship of Christian Martial Artists.
 Website: www.cathedralnet.org/youth.htm

"I came to the Lord when I was 7 years old as a Pastor visited my home and led me to Christ. I felt the call to preach at age 15 and have served as Pastor, Youth Pastor, Music Pastor, Children's Pastor, and Missions Director. My wife and I have been in ministry together for 25 years. I have been the Youth Pastor at Cathedral of Praise in Toled, Ohio for 8 years. We are in charge of over 250 teens on a weekly basis.

Jamie is my son and got saved at 7 years of age. He has participated in several tournaments and placed well in both forms and sparring. He has been a black belt for three years."

 Ian Gillespie
(joined on 10-25-99)

Primary Style: TaeKwon-Do, 1st Dan (Black Belt)
School: Assistant Instructor / Great Lakes Global TaeKwon-Do
Location: Starlite Plaza, Sylvania, Ohio
Affiliations: Global TaeKwon-Do Federation (GTF) and The Phoenix Group
Training: started in 1997

"Called by Christ Jesus, at age 15, after a 'Scripture Union' sailing camp in Australia. He's never let me down since (for 24 years now)."

Michael Grooms
(joined on 10-1-99)

Primary Style: ATA Shodan - Chung-Do-Kwan
School: Instructor / Batavia Church TKD Club
Location: Batavia, OH
Training: began in 1971
Website: http://w3.goodnews.net/~ironmike/karate.htm

Jodi Herrmann
(joined on 11-10-99)

Primary Style: Ji Do Kwan/ 2nd Dan
School: Practitioner / Family Enrichment Center, Inc.
Location: Austintown, OH
Training: Began in Jan. 1989
Website: www.homestead.com/FEC

Rosemary Isabella
(joined on 9-29-99)

Primary Style: Ji Do Kwan, 5th Dan
School Location: Instructor / Youngstown, Ohio
Training: Began in 1969

"I have been a Christian all my life and I've learned early on that the Lord is Always Faithful."

Jeffrey R. Stissel
(joined on 11-9-99)

Primary Style: Stratiotia Christou (my Sensei developed the system) - Black
1st degree Apprentice
Secondary Styles:Traditional Go-ju ryu Karate Do
School: Practitioner (working for instructorship) / Faith Fighters for Christ
Location: Elmore, Ohio
Affiliations: Black Belts of the Faith, Koinonia Christian Martial Arts
Training: Began in 1993

Mary Threet
(joined on 4/2/00)

Primary Style: Tae Kwon Do -  1st Gup
School: Practitioner / Toneffs Tae Kwon Do
Location: Oregon, Ohio   USA
Affiliations: GTF (Global Tae Kwon Do Federation)
Training: started December 1997

"I came to know Christ in 1981 during a tumultous time in my life.  My mother gave me a scripture; Jeremiah 33:3 and told me to stand upon the promise.  I did.  And Christ manifested himself to me through a radio program and forgave me.  I know it sounds strange but it is the truth.  My life has changed since then.    Now that I'm in Martial Arts, I use scripture to prepare myself for my training and my tests.  My last test (Black Stripe) I had to spar two Black Belts simultaneously.  I have absolutely no confidence in my sparring abilities due to the fact that I have slow reactions now that I'm in my forties.  This was my biggest fear.  Then I was listening to a Christian radio broadcast and was told 'Don't count the lions in the lion's den, count on Me'.  WOW!  I never thought like that.  I acted in faith, though I was nervous I got throught it and received my belt.  Praise God !"

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