Steve Hockemeier
(joined on 8-25-99)
Primary Style: Maka - 1st Black
Secondary Styles:Kempo, Tae Kwon Do, Shorin-Ryu, Shotokan
School Location: Instructor / Hillsboro, Oregon
Affiliations: Koinonia Fellowship of Martial Artists
Training: Began in 1985
"Christ called my name and I came running!   Actually, my walk with Christ can be read on the following link:

Kevin McDaniel
(joined on 10-29-99)
Primary Style: Tai Chi (Yes it is a martial art)
Secondary Styles:Judo
School: Practitioner / Southern Oregon University
Location: Ashland, OR
Training: began four years ago

"I was born in a christian family, and accepted Christ into my life at the age of fourteen.  It was then that church became something I wanted to do rather than something my parents made me do.  I'm a Junior in college now and with a little help am making it through."

 Sovann Pen
(joined on 8-31-99)
Primary Style: Kenpo karate
Secondary Style:Baston-te (Modern Arnis sub-style)
School: Instructor / Central Bible Karate Club (NW Karate for Christ)
Location: 8815 NE Glisan St., Portland, OR  97220
Affiliations: CBBA- Christian Black Belt Association,
KFMA-Koinonia Fellowship of Martial Artists
Training: 1978 - 1.5 years of Hath Goju-Ryu Karate (purple belt),
1982 - 1 year wrestling, 1994-present Kenpo, 1995 - 1 year Baston-te
Website: http://eph610.com

"I grew up in a Christian home.  My father is a Cambodian pastor and was a missionary in the refugee camps in Thailand, so I am PK and MK.  I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was seven years old.  My mother is Filipino.  I did not feel like I fit in growing up because I did not understand my identity in Christ.  After a prodigal period in college, I started to listen to God calling me back home to Himself. After graduating I enrolled at Multnomah Biblical Seminary for the one year graduate certificate program.  I heard about NW Karate for Christ and was reintroduced to a lifelong love of martial arts (I had studied Hath Goju-Ryu as a boy).

Now I am studying in the M.Div program at MBS; the karate club is my internship at Central Bible Church.  My spiritual gift is Mercy and I like to teach and lead by example.  I like to encourage people to worship and trust in God.  I am learning to be faithful in prayer, especially for my family and students."

Rick L. Willison - Pastor - Evangelist
(joined on 7-27-00)
Primary Style: Tae Kwon Do - I studied for a year, 3 hours each day, but only tested out to green belt.  I also studied briefly in Kenpo Karate.  I have experience in boxing also.  But most of what I do is to show God's power over the sin in our lives.
Demo / Evangelistic Team:  I am the President and founder of T.E.A.M. Jesus Ministries, Inc.  I am also the leader of our Gospel Team called the X-Treme Team.  I teach my Team Members how to break.
Location: Gresham, OR.
Training: I started training in 1992.
 Website: http://www.radicallysaved.com
"We (the X-Treme Team) are all sold out, God servin', sin hatin', men of God. Currently, two of us are going to continue our martial arts training so that we may incorporate more breaks and forms into our Gospel Presentation. Check us out and God bless!"

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