Kevin Bell
(joined on 3-9-00)
Primary Style: Tae-Kwon-Do 8th Dan
Secondary Styles: Karate, Professional Kickboxer,Sambo, Ju-Jitsu, Boxing,Wrestling, Judo
School: Instructor / Kevin Bell's Black Belt Academy
Two locations: 125 West street Wind Gap, PA  18091
And Monroe Plaza Brodheadsville PA  18322
Phone # (610) 863-5394 or (570) 992-0582
Affiliations: President World Karate Union Inc. Member U.S.T.U.
Training: Began in 1968
"What value is it to teach someone how to protect their physical body and not to protect that which is eternal?"

Fran Pultro
 (joined on 8-23-99)
Primary Style: 5th Dan, Keichu Do
Secondary Styles:4th Dan, Tae Kwon Do - 2nd Dan, Ju-Jitsu
School: Instructor / Philadelphia Academy of Defensive Arts
Location: 1540 Pratt St., Philadelphia, PA,  (215)-535-3777
Affiliations: Christian Black Belt Association
Training: Began in 1977

Charles M. Roy
(joined on 10-2-99)
Primary Style: Tae Kwon Do , Brown Belt
Secondary Styles:Hapkido
School: Instructor / Harrisburg Institute of Tae Kwon Do
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Affiliations: USTU
Training: began in 1995
"Jesus Christ is my Savior and Master of my life. There is no life without him!" 
Ronald David Vetovich, Jr.
(joined on 6-30-00)
Primary Style: Tae Kwon Do  - 1st Dan 1st degree black belt
School: Instructor / Se Jong Tae Kwon Do Educational System Incorporated
Location: French Creek Valley Christian School, 420 North Street, Saegertown, PA 16433 USA
Affiliations: Se Jong Tae Kwon Do Educational System Incorporated, and Promise Keepers
Training: Began in June , 1981
 "I am a member of the PA State Police,  in January of 1994, I was led to Christ by my partner, Rich Turner.  After working with Rich for several months prior,  I asked Jesus to be my personal Lord and Savior.  Through Rich , I knew that I was missing something in my life and I could not find it on my own.  So he began to talk to me about JESUS,  and I was very receptive.  After a couple of weeks, I knew that I wanted to have a personal relationship with JESUS and it was in January of 1994 that I asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins and to be my personal LORD and SAVIOR.  I have been growing in my relationship since then.  Now I want to help others come to know JESUS as I have through my Martial Arts school.  I am affiliated with the Se Jong Tae Kwon Do Educational System Incorporated, which is a non-profit system of the martial arts.  We teach a non traditional form of Tae Kwon Do in that we do not teach any of the Oriental  Mysticisms that are usually involved in most martial arts schools.  We are primarily a youth oriented system, created as an alternative to drugs and gang violence.  Father Robert Connolly, Catholic priest and 7th Dan 7th Degree, is the creator and master of the system."

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