Shawn Duval's personal testimony:
"I've been a Christian since 1989 and have been backsliden a number of times.  In 1994 I started bouncing a night club in the South West and did that for about 3 years.  I was a luke warm Christian before that. For the first year and a half I had a blast (the bible tells us sin is pleasurable for a season).  I met celebrities like George Clooney, Sean Penn, Gene Simons and Dale Earnheart.  I rubbed shoulders with Pro-Athlete's like Troy Aikman, Robert Brooks and Wilbur Marshell.
I made a decent income and traveled in a BMW.  I had status and prestige. I never payed a cover charge at any of the local bars.  Yet through all
that I never saved any money and went on a 3 year drinking binge accompanied by such drugs as:  coke, crystal, mushrooms and crack cocaine.  In 1996 I received a DUI and lost my license.  Everything started going down hill.  To my so called friends I became a burden.
What I thought was fun was now a played-out routine.  To make matters worse, there was a street preacher who would picket the club I worked at.  He would do this alone.  I was so convicted I had to run in the club to "warm myself" like Peter when he betrayed Christ.  Certain criminal elements where trying to extort me to do favors for them.  Then when one of them told me, "Shawn, not even God can help you now",  that was a wake up call.
Kneeling in my room with a 12pack of beer half emptied I cried out to God.  "Lord Help me break free from the bondages of drugs and alcohol". That week I received a job offer in New England.  3500 miles away from the element that was corrupting.  God began to start trimming!!!  Still in the process of being cleansed I had old habbits.  I have grown, but not without the expense of others.  I'm not proud of my background.
There is nothing I can boast in.  I was a sinner decieved by the devil. Now it's comming to the end of 1999.  I live in Fl. I am a New creation!!!  The light of the world, the salt of the earth!!!  I have been given the mind of Christ!!!  My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in me!!!  I have been given the spirit of Power, Love, and Self-discipline!!
I now take what was once used for destruction, and turn it around to bring deliverance!!!  Through Kenpo I preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and warn of the dangers of believing a lie that is the only thing Satan can offer. " 
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