South Carolina

Paul L. Di Toma
(joined on 12-1-99)

The Way of Christ and the Empty Hand Way - Rank: Ikkyu
KURISUTO-DO / KARATE-DO strives to  combine principles of the Martial Arts along with the principles taught by Jesus Christ.  We are not a Church, but our attitudes and behavior reflect a true Christian way of life.
School: Instructor / Surfside Beach Karate Club
Location: Surfside Beach, SC. USA
Affiliations: Black Belts of the Faith International
Training: Started in 1980. Although I have been studying and teaching Karate for some time, several injuries, and several moves have prohibited me from testing for first Dan. I am hoping to test for Shodan in the near future. I started the club as an extension of my ministry. I am the Assistant Chaplain and Minister of Youth at Lakewood Camping Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC.

"In 1980 I began my study of the Martial Arts. Since then I have benefited a great deal. I have better concentration, learned how to defend myself, and
improved my self confidence.

In 1981 I began another quest. I asked a young lady, whom I loved very much, to marry me. She said yes!  I began looking forward to my new life with the girl of
my dreams when suddenly my world came crashing down around me.  After a brief engagement, the wedding was called off and we broke up.  I was devastated.
Suddenly I felt very alone and hurt. This was the third relationship in as many years that blew up in my face and now I began to wonder if I might not be
better off dead.  God had other plans for me.

One night with tears streaming down my face I looked at a cross on my wall and cried out loud to God. I give up, I cant handle it anymore.  What I was
really saying was; Jesus, I need you!  I had always believed in God but until that night I never understood that I needed to give my life to Jesus Christ. His love over whelmed me as I sensed Him coming into my life and giving me a peace and a quiet assurance that my life was only just beginning.  Now at 39 years of age, I realize this more now than I did then.  In all these years He has never left me and has never given up on me.

I am now married to a wonderful Christian woman who shares my Martial Art with me. I am a father of two wonderful little girls. God has also given me the
privilege of serving Him in full time Christian service. But the best part of all is, I know I have a Savior who I will spend all of eternity with in Heaven."


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