Richard (Ricky) Wayne Brown Jr.
(joined on 7-25-00)
Primary Styles: I am 1 dan black belt in American Taekwondo Association (ATA).  But I have studyed various martial arts including Wing Chun, 5 animal kung fu, tiger crane kung fu, karate, aikido, ninjutsu, chin na, pakua, qigong, and tai chi through various materials (videos, books ect.)
School:  Practitioner / I am not an instructor except to my friends who share their knowledge with me, therefore the school I practice in (My taekwondo instructor passed away recently so there is no more school here in town), is my backyard/living room/kitchen, or anywhere else I am at the moment.
Location: Dumas, Texas
Affiliations: ATA
Training: began in 1993
 Website: http://www.angelfire.com/ri/rauros/
"I've walked with Christ since I was 6 years of age."

James W. Cummins
(joined on 3-7-00)
Primary Style: Kenpo, 2nd Dan.
Secondary Style: American Karate.
School: Instructor / I have been teaching law enforcement officers only, and competing from time, to time; however, I am now looking for a storefront building where I can teach to the general public. I am thinking of calling my personal style, 'Celtic Kenpo', mixing traditional Western martial arts like 'Highland Wrestling' and 'Boxing', with the Asian styles. I think that it is important to remember and respect the Combat skills of our Indo-European Forefathers. The Celtic Gaels, for instance, had many forms of armed and unarmed combat and there are several groups who study the famous 'Fianna' (soldiers in time of war, and a national police force in time of peace). Can you tell that I'm Irish-American?
Location: 6559 Arbor Place # 2425, Fort Worth, Texas  76132
Training: Began in the 1970's
"I went to a small rural Southern Baptist Church called Harmony Baptist from an infant, up until I enlisted in the military (Army, then Marines), I was saved at vacation bible school at age 10 and was baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I have preached that same Gospel as the Lord gives occasion. It's still mindblowing when the Lord sends someone to me, out of the blue, who is asking me how to be saved and I do'nt know them from Adam! God did all the work, I just have to pray with them. WoW! I began studying American Karate in 1974 under Bob Nuttall, originally, because I was bullied at school for being too goody-goody (I carried a bible to school and shared the gospel. Many of my classmates found the Lord.) I have continued to study the Bible and Theology is my passion. Currently, I am studying the early Church Fathers,Orthodoxy, Cannonization of the Holy Scriptures, councials and creeds, all areas that I am sadly lacking credible knowledge in.

I took a lot of slack from my Christian Bretheren over the fact that I studied Asian Martial Arts (I was advised that it was an Eastern Occultic Art) and I would drop out for long periods of time, only to find myself back in one dojo or another, and feeling somewhat guilty. I continued to study and
practice at home and spent all my extra money on martial art books and magazines. I heard of Karate for Christ and began to see the value of the martial arts as a tool for the Gospel.

I studied Hapkido from Master Kim in Tacoma, Wa. while stationed at Fort Lewis. I also studied Taekwondo from one of my Sgt.'s who was stationed in Korea for many years. I used the martial arts to attract kids to vacation bible school during Marine bootcamp where I taught classes, it resulted in many conversions. I have had the oppertunity to study under J. Pat Burleson while acting as an assistant instructor for his Y.E.S. Program (Youth Enrichment Studies) and have found that the martial arts are one of the oldest and best ways to instill discipline and self-esteem within an individual, military, or civilian. Armed with the Gift of the Gospel as well, and one may fear no evil!" 

Ryan Lewis
(joined on 8-22-99)
Primary Style: Taekwondo (1st Dan Black Belt)
Secondary Styles:Judo, TangSooDo
School: Instructor / we call our school Yesunim-Do (The Way of Jesus) TaeKwonDo
Location: San Antonio, TX
Affiliations: UMA, USNTF, WTF
Training: Started in 1986

I came to Christ while driving to and from work in 1995. I was listening to a radio preacher and had not realized the relevance that the Word of God had in my life. I realized that everything in the Bible was God breathed (2 Tim 3:16) and therefore inspired by God. I realized that I had to start learning more about God and His character. Since then I have become babtized and have surrendered my life to the ministry. I am seeking to attend seminary and eventually becaome a full time minister. God has led me to incorporate the teachings of Jesus into my personal martial arts style. Our style emphasizes concentration on spiritual self-defense (everlasting through Jesus), and less of an emphasis on our bodily selves. We could be killed every day in a variety of ways, whether in a street fight or in a car accident. But by God's grace we have the opportunity to celebrate the victory over that death through the ultimate Master, Jesus.

David Lieder
(joined on 5-16-00)
Primary Style: Tae Kwon Do; 1st degree Black belt
Secondary Style:
School: Instructor / TEXAS TAE KWON DO, INC.
Location: Tomball, TX
Affiliations: AAU
Training: started as a teenager- 2 years Karate; as adult- 2.5 years Tae Kwon Do

"Born and raised in the Lutheran church. About 2 years ago became friends with a rather famous Christian musical artist and started growing closer to the Lord at that time. About then is when I got the desire to start living for Christ and searching for ways to help people while demonstrating HIS love." 

James A. Long
(joined on 6-16-00)
Primary Style: Kyu Shin Ryu Judo and Jujitsu--Sandan
Secondary Style: Flowing Circles
School Location: Instructor / Victoria, Texas
Training: Began in 1980
"When my instructor told me to seek truth in Martial Arts, I began to apply it to religion. Several weeks later, one of my sisters called and invited me to church. I figured I would try it to see if it was truthful. I continued going for about a month before I accepted Jesus as my Saviour. This was in November, 1996.

Shortly thereafter, although I was pretty skeptical, I answered an altar call to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I remember praying there at the altar that if this was not of God, I did not want it. Once they prayed over me, the power of the Holy Spirit came over me and has completely taken over my life.

Currently I am in a mentoring type of program with my Pastor to go into the Street Evangelism ministry. My wife and I are youth worship leaders and Sunday School teachers for Jr Highschool students. I am also on the board of Deacons at our church which is Family Worship Center Assembly of God in Victoria, Texas, USA."

Guro Donald Muñiz
(joined on 9-30-99)
Primary Style: Filipino Martial Arts / 3rd degree Blackbelt
School: Instructor / Muñiz Arnis
Location: El Paso, Texas
Affiliations: World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee 1995/1996
Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1997
Training: started at Castro's Kenpo Karate - San Francisco, California - 1968
 Website: http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/filipinowarriorarts2

Jim Stanton
(joined 8-21-99)
Primary Style: Northern Shao-lin Kung Fu  Black belt,
Secondary Styles:Kempo Brown Belt, Kenpo (IKCA) Green Belt, Arnis
School Location: Instructor / Bryan, Texas
Affiliations: IKCA
Training: Started training at age 19, I am now 47

"I grew up in the church.  I took Christ as my Lord and Savior at the  age of 9.  I grew and I am growing in my understanding of the Lordship  of Jesus Christ.  I have been a Minister of Youth and a Pastor.  Now I  am a Registered Nurse working in ICU and a deacon in the church."

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