Billy and Jan Donald
(joined on 9-20-99)
Primary Style: Ga Jok Do - means "Family" in Korean (We did not know anyone at our church that was able to give us a translation in Japanese), it is a blend of the
various styles my wife and I studied over the years.
Secondary Styles: Shorinjiryu Karatedo, Kyokushinkai Karate, Aikido & Tae Kwon Do.  With some Judo and Jujitsu techniques friends / training partners have shown us.
School: Instructors / Armor of Faith School of Self-defense
Location: Hopewell, VA
At the present time classes are held Tue & Thurs. 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at
James River Community Church - 1 1/2 miles west of Hopewell or 1 1/2 miles
east of I-295. Call (804) 452-2215 for details
Training: Billy - started in 1966 under the instruction of my dad (style unknown.  Dad is former OSS)
Jan - started in 1994 in Tae Kwon Do

"See Luke 15: 11-24. That is the shortest and best way to describe our former lives.  As far as our walk with Christ now, We still have our ups and downs but, we know that our GOD will get us though anything as long as we do what he tells us to.  Life just keeps getting better as long as we do that.

At Armor of Faith we view GOD as the Grand Master, Jesus Christ as the Senior
Master and the Holy Spirit as our Master Instructor.  Not only in spiritual matters but in our every day life." 

Wayne R. Spencer
(joined on 3-13-00)
Primary Style: TKD
School:  Instructor / TKD at local YMCA
Location: Suffolk, VA
Affiliations: My Black Belts were issued from the World TKD Federation. I am in the  process of joining Dr. Jerry Beasley's AIKIA -American Independent Karate/TKD Insturctors Asso.
Training: Started in 1975
"Accepted our Lord JESUS in Mar of '72"

Cliff Vaught
(joined on 1/7/00)
Primary Style: Soo Bahk Do E Dan (2nd degree)
School: Assistant Instructor / Hampton Roads Karate
Location: Chesapeake, VA
Affiliations: U.S. Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation
Training: Started initially in a Norris System Tang Soo Do school in 1986.  After lay off due to military moves, resumed training with Hampton Roads Karate in March 1994. 
Tom Webber
(joined on 7-4-00)
Primary Style: Tae Kwon Do    3rd Dan
Secondary Styles: Tang Soo Do & Hap Ki Do
School: Instructor / Cornerstone Martial Arts College, Inc.
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Affiliations: Christian Martial Arts Association & US Tae Kwon Do Union
Training: began in 1994
"I have been a Preacher for 21 years.  14 years as a Pastor and the last 7 as a Chaplain in the Navy.  Came to Christ at the age of 6.  Married to my wife Karen for 21 years and have a daughter (Hannah-16) and a son (Micah-13).  Currently stationed at Naval Air Station Oceana, Va. Beach, VA."

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