I.N.C.M.A. Articles
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A Testimony of a Saved Sifu! - by Sifu Brian T. Henderson
 Martial Arts and Christian Beliefs - Are They Incompatible?
by Bob Orlando
Incorporating Christian Teachings In Your Martial Arts Classes - by various INCMA members
Tae Kwon Do in the Early Days - by Dr. Charles Owens
"So, Why Should My Kids (or me..) Take Karate Lessons Anyway?" - by Prof. Ron Hagelganz

Articles by Dr. Michael Willett:
"In Whose Name Do You Come?"
"JESUS - Weak or Meek?"
Who Has The Right To Bear Arms?
Who Got Saved?
The Vision
The Word
Law of Ability
Identifying False Teachers
Sharing The Love

More to come very soon!

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