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Soke Christopher Foley
(joined on 9-9-99)
Primary Style: Ishi-Ryoku Jutsu (4th dan)
Secondary Styles: Chris Foley is the holder of a  4thdan (Yondan) Black belt in Ishi-Ryoku Jutsu (1&2)and also holds a 4th dan Black belt in Tuite Grappling (USKA) (4), a 4th dan Black Belt in Seigi Bushido Ryu (1&2), a 3rd dan Black belt in Shinto Yoshin Ryu Jui-Jitsu (4&5), a 3rd dan Black belt in Shorinji Ryu Kyohkai Kempo (4),  a 2nd  dan (Nidan) Black belt in Keedok Kyo (2), and a 1st dan Black Belt  in Karate (Ryushido). Full Combat Instructor Pachivas Pankration.(4)
Affiliations: Mr. Foleys rankings are internationally certified by;
1. The World Head of Family and Soke Council (WHOFSC), Dr Frank Sanchez
2. The Gospel Martial Arts Union (GMAU) Dr Kent Haralson
3. The Australian Ju-Jitsu Association (AJJA)  Sensei Brierley Bailey
4. The United States Karate Association (USKA) Grandmaster John Pachivas
5. The American Jui-Jitsu & Karate Association (AJKA) Grandmaster Douglas Grose
School: Founder & Chief Instructor / Ishi-Ryoku Jutsu Honbu Dojo
Location: 210 Gayndah Road, Maryborough, Queensland 4650 AUSTRALIA
 Training: Chris has been a Martial Artist for 28 years with significant tournament and international teaching experience. Chris is also an Ordained Minister, and is a board member and Area representative of The Gospel Martial Arts Union (GMAU).
"I came to know Christ as my Lord & Saviour 38 yrs ago, and currently work as a Bi-Vocational Pastor. Married To Glenys, 5 kids. Jesus Christ and The Martial Arts live happily together in the heart of someone who loves them both."
Richard Roper
(joined on 8-12-00)
Primary Style: Judo, Shodan
School: Instructor / Newport Judo
Location: Newport, Victoria, Australia
Affiliations: Judo federation of Australia (JFA) through Judo Vic. Inc
Training: began 34 years ago
"I came to Christ 34 years ago at a Christian holiday Camp in the hills. As with all true believers it is my desire to follow Him in all that I do including my Martial Art. Judo to me is a privilege that god has given me to use for his glory."

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