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Philip E. Lewis
(joined on 1-4-00)
Primary Style: Soke, 6th Dan of Tora Karano Shinsei Kenpo
Secondary Styles: 4th Dan- Tang Soo Do, 4th Dan- Shiho Karano Kenpo Karate, 3rd Dan- Tae Kwon Do, 3rd Dan- Kobudo, 1st Dan -Kenpo Jitsu, 1st black - Binas Dynamic Arnis
School: Instructor / Cariri Kenpo (club), Liga Evangelica das Artes Marciais (association)
Location: Juazeiro do Norte, Ceara'  Brazil, S.A.
Affiliations: Gospel Martial Arts Union, Shiho Karano Kai International
Training: Started in 1974

"I was saved when I was  seven years old.  My parents were Baptist missionaries serving in Brazil, and at a young age I  was exposed to the call to missions.  I was involved in some youth out-reaches when I was in high school; and then during my college/seminary years I was very active in the Brazilian churches in evangelism, music ministry, and side-door ministries through teaching English and the Martial Arts.
 After graduating from the Cariri Baptist Seminary there in Brazil, I have, with my wife, been involved in several ministries.  I have worked as an associate pastor, teaching youth, preaching, doing hospital visitation, music ministry, and teaching adult Sunday School classes.  I have been active in Gospel karate demonstrations at AWANAs, banquets, and other meetings.
 I worked as a missionary in Brazil for 3 and a half years church planting, pastoring, preaching, discipling, evangelizing, song-leading, and using  the Martial Arts as an avenue for reaching the lost, and discipling the Christian.  I have been on furlough here in St. Pete, Florida, active with my family in churches and the Gospel Martial Arts Union.
 February 15th we head back to Brazil under House of Grace Ministries.  The club in Brazil continues to do well as an outreach to win others to Christ.  I look forward to our return to Brazil and the ministry there.  My desire is to see the Liga Evangelica das Artes Marciais grow and flourish there.  And I still hope to get a web site up and running.
We are also trusting the Lord to provide for our finances as we go out by faith."

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