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Alan Ho
(joined on 10-8-99)
Primary Styles: Ninjutsu, beginner
Secondary Styles: Have trained in kickboxing and Wing Chun
School: Practitioner / Ninpo Ninjutsu
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Affiliations: Bujinkan
Training: Began in the Early 90's.

"Been a Christian since 1989.  Wasn't interested when I was young but after High School I starting watching Christian TV shows and listening to music. Met a friend who introduced me to his Church."

Lorne J.N. Weber
(joined 8-22-99)
Primary Style: Hapkido - Black/red strip
School: Instructor / Airdrie Hapkido Club
Location: Airdrie - Alberta - Canada
Training: began in 1994 - 6 yrs

"I have been a christian since 1972 ( gr. 11 ) after a lot of searching and understanding of the Gospel(NT) God took a hold of me and I felt his  loving hands upon me & I heard God say choose now or never.  God has been in my life and now many years later - married with 4 teens,  1 boy & 3 girls, one of our twins is at her red belt level, all of our children have made a statement of accepting Christ and have all been baptized, we are active in our local church (Faith Community Baptist Church). God is showing me a dream that is close to becomming a reality
- A Martial Art Community Centre building the whole basement will be used for youth outreach."

New Brunswick 
Timmy Gillespie
(joined on 11-19-99)
Primary Styles: Tae Kwon Do , 2nd degree Black Belt
Secondary Styles: Hap Ki Do, kick boxing.
School: Instructor / Blackville Tae Kwon Do Club
Location: Blackville, New Brunswick, Canada
Affiliations: Maritime Martial Arts Academy from Fredricton N.B.
( Master Dave Murray)
Training: Started training in 1989.

"My life style used to be filled with drugs and alcohol before I met JESUS. I owe my whole life for what the LORD did for me. I got saved back in 1991 and I'm now drug and alcohol FREE, Praise JESUS. I'm felt lead to teach Tae Kwon Do as a ministry in my hometown and seen many awesome results. I open in prayer before every class and share scriptures when prompted by the SPIRIT. Please pray for me as I teach each week, God Bless the great Web Site and the people who make it happen."

Karl Ingersoll
(joined on 11-20-99)
Primary Styles: Tae Kwon Do - 3rd Dan
School: Instructor / 1st Wesleyan Tae Kwon Do
Location: Fredericton, NB, Canada
Affiliations: Chung Won Institute of Tae Kwon Do, Moncton, NB
Training: Began in September 1985

"Accepted Christ in 1971 - November 13th.  Raised on Grand Manan Island.  I serve as an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church currently in Fredericton, NB.  Tae Kwon Do is primarily a means of outreach for me.  I have enjoyed the art immensely and the contacts that it has generated for me."

 Maxwell Shane Oates
(joined on 11-1-99)
Primary Styles: Taekwon-Do - 3rd Dan
Secondary Style: Kyokushin Karate
School: Founder/Chief Instructor / University of New Brunswick / St Thomas University Taekwon-Do School
Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick, CANADA
Affiliations: Chung Won Institute of Tae Kwon Do, Moncton, NB
(Grand Master Won Kap Chung, 7th Dan)
New Brunswick Taekwondo Association (NBTA)
WTF Taekwondo Association of Canada (WTF Canada)
World Taekwondo Federation (WTF)
Grace Martial Arts Fellowship
Training: Studied Martial Arts since 1980

"During my third year of civil engineering studies at the University of New Brunswick, a member of the UNB Navigators led me to Christ Jesus, my Lord and Saviour. Presently, I am serving Master Jesus as a minister of the Atlantic Baptist Convention while practicing engineering."


Sifu Nelson Chan
(joined on 9-9-99)
Primary Styles: Taichi, Wingchun, Kungfu (wushu)
Secondary Styles: Kungfu (wushu)
School: Founder, Instructor / Christian Wushu Fellowship
Location: 201 Tempo Avenue, North York, Ontario, Canada
Affiliations: General Secretary of CCKSF (Canadian Chinese Kuo Shu Federation)
Training: Began training in 1968 in Hongkong

Scott Heaney
(joined on 9-4-99)
Primary Style: Kenpo Shodan (testing for Nidan very soon)
Secondary Styles: Aiki-jujutsu
School Location: Instructor / Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Affiliations: Tracy System of Kenpo
(Tracy International Studios of Self-Defense)
Training: Began at age 12
Website:Kenpo Exchange

"I have been Christian all my life, though there were times in my life when I have strayed. It has only been recently that I have become closer in my relationship with Christ, with the help of a very good Christian friend."

Dan Megill
(joined on 9-13-99)
Primary Styles: ShinjitsunoKenpo, Nidan
Secondary Styles: Jiujitsu
School: Instructor / Menkyo Martial Art Centre
Location: Whitby Ont. Can.
Affiliations: KenpoVision International
Training: Began at age 8 in jiujitsu

"I had a near Death experience 22yrs ago complete with tunnel,bright light and personal interview ,changed my life totally. Still a sinner but have claimed my free gift, Grace."

Dave A. Lochert
(joined on 11-5-99)
Primary Styles: Kickboxing (5th Degree)
Secondary Styles: Muay Thai (5th Degree), Tae Kwon Do (3rd Dan), Full-Contact Karate
School Location: Instructor / Saskatoon, SK, CANADA
Affiliations: IKF, WKA, USMAA
Training: began in 1980
"I use to be United but since a teen I have been Anglican."

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