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Sergio Correa
(joined on 12-5-99)

Primary Style: American Kenpo
School Location: Instructor / Delfos 2202, Santiago, Chile
Affiliations: Representative of "American Kenpo Senior Council" in Chile and South America
Training: I started in Kenpo on 1972 with Master Arturo Petit, and I'm 4th Black since 1995. Now, my Master is Bob White, a 9th Black in Kenpo. His school is in Costa Mesa. My first trip to USA was on 1998, then I met Master White, Master Larry Tatum, John Sepulveda, Trejo, Tabatabai, etc. This year I went for a
month, then I was on Jeff Speakman seminar in Las Vegas and after on Long
Beach as a Judge.

"In school, I was in 'Colegio San Ignacio', where I learned what is Jesus,
his word, and the message of Christiancy."

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