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Martin Ace
 (joined on 8-29-99)
Primary Style: Tae Kwon Do, 3rd degree black belt
Secondary Styles: Sul Ki Do (a splinter group of Kuk Sool Won / Hap Ki Do)
1st degree black belt
School: Instructor / The Martin Ace Tae Kwon Do Academy
Location: London, England
Affiliations: The club is part of the EWEST Tae Kwon Do Association,
recognised by the BTF (British TKD Assoc.).  We practice the WTF style.
Training: I started training when I was 16 years of age back in 1982.
 Website: Cheers mate!  Check out
"I became a Christian on 2nd March, 1990.  My interest in the faith was initially through a terrific guy called Kirby King, from Corpus Christi, TX, when he was studying here in London back in 1982, and secondly through another great dude called Mohammed "Mojo" Khot, a work colleague in 1988.  They pointed out the correct definition of what Christianity is, which was noticeably different to what I thought a Christian was.  And to think I'd been to church most of my life, and also attended church schools.  Now, whenever I meet someone who says they are a Christian, I always ask them to define what their understanding of Christianity is.  After all, if I was under the wrong impression for over 20 years, maybe they're wrong as well, and they need to know."
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