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John R. Himes
(joined on 8-26-99)

Primary Style: Temple Chinese Boxing Association (also
known as Koushu Kung Fu), 4th level instructor
Secondary Styles: Wing Chun Gung Fu, Tan Tui Kung Fu.
I am also studying or have studied Judo (2 kyu), internal Kung Fu (esp. Tai
Chi and Hsing I), Shotokan Karate (3rd kyu), Chinese-Hawaiian Kenpo.
School: Instructor / Qing
Bai Long Pai (Pure White Dragon Style)
Location: located in our home in Asahikawa, Japan
(Toyooka 7 Jo, 8 Chome, 4-13, Asahikawa, Hokkaido, JAPAN  078-8237).
Affiliations: Temple Chinese Boxing Association (TCBA)--Liaison,
Gospel Martial Arts Union (GMAU)--Pacific Rim North Representative
Training:  I was a wrestler from 1966-1971, then began the Asian martial arts with Judo training in 1971.
 Websites: GMAU Webpage:
My teacher's web page:

"I praise the Lord for the privilege of being raised in a preacher's family. My father, now 79, preached the Gospel for over 60 years. I trusted Christ as my Savior at the age of 4 at my mother's knee. My wife and I have been missionaries to Japan under Baptist World Mission since 1981, and we continually thank God for that privilege. We have only one child, our son Paul, who is a sophomore at Maranatha Baptist Bible College and a 1st level instructor in our style. The family that punches together bunches together!"

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