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Northern Ireland
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Andrew Thompson
(joined on 10-11-99)
Primary Style: Ju Jitsu - white belt
Secondary Style: I used to practice wado-ryo karate and was a blue belt in it.
School: Practitioner / Lisburn Ju Jitsu Club
Location: Lisburn, County Down, Northern Ireland
Affiliations: World Ju Jitsu Federation
Training: I trained in karate 6 years ago for about 5 years but have only just started Ju Jitsu for about 5 weeks.
"I am only 15 and I have been a christian for about 5 years. I was brought up in a christian family and went to church every sunday for as long as I can remember. I find it quite hard to be a christian sometimes especcially in school but I am glad I am." 
  Robert Herbert (Herbie) Wilson
(joined on 7-17-00)
Primary Style: Jeet Kune Do
Secondary Style: I have studied int the past White tiger Kung fu (ungraded) Shotokan Karate (Orange) Karate Do wado kai (White) and a little Kick boxing. I like to study the basics of a style and then move on, but to join the GMAU I am goin the join the AIMAA as a home video student.
School: Practitioner / Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do
Location: Lurgan in Northern Ireland
Affiliations: I am considering joining the AMA (Amiture Martial Artists)
Training: I started the Martial arts in 1990/1 with Karate do wado kai

"I started with Christ when I was 13 in 1993/4 I had a friend in Portadown elim I had a few questions and they really helped me. I am very greatfull to them for that."

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