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Perry Gil S. Mallari
(joined on 4-7-00)

Primary Style: My personal system is my own interpretation of the Filipino martial arts which I coined "Anyong Malaya" (free form). As an advocate of jeet kune do concepts, I donít want to be confined to any particular style.
Secondary Style: Jeet kune do Concepts
 School: I am presently spearheading ANYONG MALAYA which main concept is to integrate and stimulate the disparate creative forces within an individual through the martial discipline of arnis. I am based in the Philippines and a visual artist and a writer by profession.
Iíd rather be called a serious practitioner. I am presently devoting my energy doing research on alternative healing methods as well as in the documentation of non-mainstream Filipino martial art forms.
Location: The Philippines
Affiliations: RAPID JOURNAL
Training: began in 1989 (Filipino Martial Arts)

"I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour in June of 1989 through my wife Angelica Navarro Mallari. My chief aim in life is to use my talents and skills for the glory of God."

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