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Puerto Rico

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 Agustin Saltares
 (joined on 11-14-99)

Primary Styles: Chuan'Fa/Wun-Hop-Kuen-Do (Dacascos System)-Black Rope Sash-4th Degree
Kajukenbo-5th Degree (Recognized by Sijo Adriano D.Emperado)
School Location: Chief Instructor / Street Munoz Rivera4-E Rincon
Puerto Rico 00677 Ph;(787(823-1157)
Training: Started when I was 10 & I/m 45 now(got my Junior Black in 1975)

"I came to the Lord because he has been great to me. Born with a heart desease called ventricular septal defect; was to be operated at age 18 but decided not to; I'm here & feel great thanks to Jesus. Please pray for my mom Genoveva who is taking treatment for cancer & has bad reactions to this treatment. God bless you all."

Important Update!
"Thanks for your prayers for my mom. She has no cancer today. The LORD still answers prayers! Soon, she will give her testimony by radio here in the west coast of Puerto Rico-U.S.A."

Sifu Agustin Saltares

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