January, 2001
My dear brothers and sisters of the true way, which is Christ Jesus our Lord, I submit to you this attitude of gratitude. In this time of much reflection and contemplation, one tends to look at their own life and take stock of the past 12 months. Well, I won't share with you my goals for the coming year because that would appear to be self-serving; however, I will put myself on record in front of you. I will allow you, my brothers and sisters, to help keep me accountable to my word.
I resolve (to make a formal resolution) to you this day 12/29/2000 to: (1) To be present of evil in the strategy of the enemy. (2) To be fervent in prayer. (3) To refuse to retaliate in the energy of the flesh. (4) To refuse to slacken, surrender, or quit the path of obedience. (5) To seek to glorify the lord God and to trust the word of God regardless. My dear brothers and sisters, I ask that you keep me in remembrance of my word. If you see or hear me drifting off-course, I ask  first for your prayers, and then maybe a word of encouragement to steer me back on course.
Have a wonderfully Blessed New Year, and I will see you on the battlefield.
In Harmony,
Dr. Michael Willett

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