"JESUS - Weak or Meek?"

May, 2000

We are now under the dispensation of grace. Most ministers and teachers share the good news about how the grace of God is spread abroad in our hearts. This position is correct. However, the ‘book of proven wisdom' states (proverbs 11:1) "A false balance is a abomination to the Lord but a just weight is his delight." We hear the ministry of grace from the pulpit, but what happened to  the ministry of the wrath of God? The wrath of God was not just demonstrated in the Old Testament. The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed, and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. If God is the same God today, yesterday and forever then we must bear witness to this universal principal.

As we look at this man they call JESUS of Nazareth, we want to determine whether he was weak or meek. When Jesus went down to Jerusalem during Passover, he found the moneychangers overcharging the people by over 500%. He made a scourge and he drove them out. The son of the living God beat their proverbial butts with that one whip. The temple was filled to capacity, which means there were at least a couple of hundred moneychangers. This one man was able to drive all the moneychangers out of the temple.

How was it possible that one man could do this feat without being hurt, injured of even killed? Just think about a Martial Arts demonstration where 1 instructor would defend himself from 100 students. We would crown him/her the greatest Martial Artist of all time. Here is the principal; "Meekness is power under control".  Jesus was meek, not weak. Being the Son of God is an awesome responsibility. He had all the power of the universe at his disposal and only used it for the edifying of the body. Our local police officer must show the same restraints. You, the local Martial Artist, must show the same restraints. You must show yourself as role models, just as Jesus did for us. There is a responsibility to control your emotions because what your students see through you is God. You, the Christian Martial Artist, might be the closest thing they will ever see to God. The bible said that no man would ever see the face of God, so God in his infinite wisdom chose to show himself through, the believer, you and me. Be the vessel that God wants us to be, prove him right, let God know that He made the right decision when he choose you to represent HIM.

Our next installment---Should we be armed, from a biblical perspective?

In Harmony,
Dr. Michael Willett

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