The Vision
August 2000
You are now a well-respected instructor in your community. You are the one that the community comes to for sound Christian counseling. You are the one running a profitable martial arts school, but are not able to keep a low percentage drop out rate. Most of the time it has absolutely nothing to do with your teaching ability, but it has everything to do with your ability to clearly convey your vision to the student body.
Your first step should be to make sure that your Black Belts are in one accord and are sharing your vision as you would, just as God gave it to you. Your assistant instructors must deliver the vision with the same passion and clarity as you would. Maybe I should give a definition to Your Vision. Simply put, Your Vision is your picture of the future; the clearer your vision, the stronger the attraction to it. You, the head instructor, must make the time to sit with each student and get some feed back specifically about the vision that God has given you.
The Black Belt programs are great, but not enough because they are spread out so far. You must ask God to give you a strategy in how to break up your vision and share it in stages, to share it in bite pieces. The apostle Paul said to feed them milk in their infancy stage, and when you have determined that they have the maturity to receive meat, deliver such.  This, of course, is after the full vision has been shared. It's all about the future.
When a person has no vision, they have no future.  If they have no future, they will always return to their past like a dog returning to it's past (Proverbs 26:112 Peter 2:22). Allow God to cultivate your ability to make a picture in your mind that has not come to pass yet. Categorically speaking, let me state this as passionately as possible. In the absence of creativity, you will die. The Bible says that we shall live and not die, so let's live in the wisdom and the abundance that our King has laid out for us. The table has been set; let's commune together. Let's eat of the goodness of the Lord.
Grace & Peace
Dr. Michael Willett

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