The Word
September 2000
We, the Martial Arts Instructors, have such a great responsibility to our students. We must teach them healthy and wholesome family values. We must teach them self discipline and how to honor other people's property. We must teach them the power of the spoken word. And on top of all that, we must still find time to teach them how to kick and punch. After all, this is why the parents send us their precious little cumquats, isn't it?

The entire universe was formed by the spoken word. "And God said," was the command for each and every thing to be produced on this earth. There is one exception for the entire planet. Man was not formed from the spoken word but was formed by God's own hands.  How special we must be in God's sight!
Let's make it abundantly clear that man is not perfect, or even close. However, we can use God as our example.  When God spoke or gave his word to his children, He never wavered, faulted, or lied. But of course he didn't... so why should we be any different? One of the most valuable commodities we have as instructors is our word. Our students hang onto every word we utter. When we speak, we speak with authority of a great person who can shape the world of many people, young and old alike. Words are containers of power; within them there is life and death. The bibles says in Proverbs 18:21,  "Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof."

The point is that we must choose our words carefully, to our students and associates alike. If we told a student we were going to something on Thursday at 3:00 PM, and you were not able to complete your promise because of some serious family business, how do think that student would feel? They probably wouldn't discuss it with you, but they would be very disappointed. Depending on the frequency of this type of behavior, the student would probably quit the school. Students don't know the difference between a broken promise and a lie. We judge everyone else on their actions and ourselves on our intentions. Only God knows the heart. If some type of special event comes up and prevents you from carrying out your word, go to that individual or group and notify them as soon as possible, no matter how painful. Communication is the basic for life.

I choose to say have a blessed month.

In Harmony
Dr. Michael Willett

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