Shihan Jim Anderson
(joined on 9-16-99)
Primary Style: Wa No Michi Ryu Karate, Godan-5th degree black belt
School: Instructor / Torri of Wa
Location: Brooksville, Florida
Affiliations: Florida League of Martial Artists, Police Tactics Instructors of America and The International Academy of Police & Military Self-Defense tactics
Training: I started in the 1960s but have only been active once again a few years ago after a long lay-off.
Website: http://www.andersons-web.com/wanomichiryukarate.html

Shawn Duval
(joined on 9-14-99)
Primary Style: Kenpo Karate-Black Belt
Location: Instructor / Bradenton, Florida
Affiliations: Universal Kenpo Karate (Ed Parker style).
Micheal Robert Pick is the President and founder of the organization. Mr. Pick trained directly under Ed Parker.
Training: I've been trainingsince in the Arts since 1984.
I've been in Kenpo since 1987.
Click here to see Shawn Duval's personal testimony!

Mitch Freistat
(joined on 11-2-99)
Primary Style: Totally Christian Karate
Secondary Styles: Taekwondo, American Kenpo, Isshin fu-Kung-fu
School: Founder / Totally Christian Karate
Location: 2001 NW 38th Ave., Coconut Creek, FL  33066
Schools in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina
Affiliations: Seigido Jitsu Ryu, Keichu-Do
Training: started in 1972
Website: www.totallychristiankarate.com 
Brandi Hair
(joined on 7-18-00)
Primary Style: Tang Soo Do/Freestyle - black belt, 1st Dan
School: Instructor / North Florida Christian Karate Association
Location: Glen St. Mary, Florida
Training: Began training 6 1/2 years ago.

"I have always been raised in a Christian home and have gone to church my entire life. I was saved as a young teenager at a youth retreat.  I think God is an asset to life and want to be a Christian

couselor, using God as the solution to life's problems."

Paul Hissa
(joined on 11-21-99)
Primary Style: 2nd Dan in Tae Kwon Do
School: Instructor / A+ Karate
Location: First Assembly of God Church
1739 S. Greenwood Ave
Clearwater, FL  33756
phone--(727) 492-0698
Affiliations: United States Martial Arts Association
Training: I have been training for 15+ years
Website: http://www.apluskarate.com 
Mike Kirkland
(joined on 7-27-00)
Primary Style: Defensive Tactics, instructor
Secondary Style: Modern Arnis, Ninjutsu, TaeKwonDo
School: Instructor / Training Group
Location: Madison, Florida
Affiliations: KarateforChrist.com, Modern Arnis International
Training: since 1988
 Website: http://www.karateforchrist.com

Sean C. Ledig
(joined on 1-17-00)
Primary Styles: I have taught both Southern Shaolin and Yang Tai Chi Chuan, and have held 3rd Dan in Tang Soo Do and 1st Dan Tae Kwon Do.  I am currently chief instructor and founder of the Hand2Hand Chinese Kickboxing Club, where the core styles are Yang Tai Chi Chuan, Wing Chun and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do kickboxing and concepts.
Secondary Styles: I am currently working toward my black belts in (Ernesto) Presas Arnis and Pekiti Tersia Kali.  I have also developed my own system of Karate, drawing from my experiences in TKD and TSD, as well as some Japanese Arts.  Also know a few Djuros from various Silat systems.
School: Chief Instructor & Founder / The Hand2Hand Chinese Kickboxing Club
Location: Tampa, Florida
Affiliations: At this time, I am the Florida director for the Society of Independent Martial Artists (SIMA).
Training: started in 1974

Mikel Mazlaghani
(joined on 8-23-99)
Primary Style: Muay Thai
Secondary Styles:Capoeira
School: Practitioner / Orion gym
Location: Gainesville, FL
Training: started when I was 16

"I got saved a few years back about 3 or 4. Ever since then I have been trying
to live a Christian lifestyle. I enjoy an undescribable relationship with Christ as do other Christians. God be with you,"

Sherry McGregor
(joined on 8-25-99)
Primary Style: Shorin-ryu karate 8th dan
Secondary Styles: Toide, iai-jutsu, jujutsu, KI,
Aikido, Dai yoshin-ryu Kobudo, tai-chi, Goshin-jutsu.
School: Instructor / McGregor's Martial arts
Location: Orlando, FL
Affiliations: Juko-kai, Gospel Martial arts union, AAU, USKA
Training: I began when I was 7 years old
Website: www.christiankarate.com

"I gave my heart to the Lord at the age of 10 and shortly after felt called into the ministry.  God has always used my martial arts to open doors for me to minister.  I travel and speak for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and have been a children's and youth pastor and have been to Haiti 7 times on missions trips."

Dano Meadows, Ph.D.
 (joined on 11-6-99)
Primary Style: Hachidan, 8th Dan in Kenpokido
Title: Hanshi
Secondary Systems: Rokudan, 6th Dan in Kajukenfu Kenpo
Rokudan, 6th Dan in American Kenpo
Godan, 5th Dan in Shito Ryu Karate
Guro in Kali / Eskrima
Master Instructor in Kobudo, Iaido, and Kenjutsu
School: Instructor / DANTEK Martial Arts Schools & Productions, Inc.
Location: Cape Coral, Florida
Affiliations: Grace Martial Arts Fellowship, USMA, UMAS, USKA, NAPMA, WKO, PKA, FBBA, FLMA, IBMAM, JSS, BKA,CAKF, IAEKF, ISKA, NASKA...
Training: Started in 1967 (Kenpokido)

"I have been a Christian since I was 11 years old, the year I blessed and brought Christ into my life...As an Adult, I have witnessed, prayed with and for others, taught a prison ministry, youth ministry, Police ministry, and a Martial Arts ministry to others...

The words of God, and the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, IS the answer to our societies problems...If we lay our lives before THEM, and let THEM take charge, THEY will guild us throughout our lives, until that day that we can rejoice in being with THEM in the Kingdom of Glory....

God Bless you all, and your ministries..."

Chris Miller
(joined on 9-30-99)
Primary Style: Rank beginner, Kung-Fu
School: Practitioner / Whirling Tiger School, Gainesville Dojo
Location: Gainesville, FL
Training: started in Sept 99 
Kenneth W. Mills
(joined on 4-23-00)
Primary Style: Wing Chun/Chinese Boxing Instructor (4th Level Black Sash)
Secondary Styles: Tai Chi & Kali
School: Instructor / C.B.I.I. Cape Coral, Florida Group
Location: Cape Coral, Florida
Affiliations: Chinese Boxing Institute International, the Sayoc Fighting Systems Philippine Martial Arts International & the American Chen Style Tai Chi Association
Training: started in 1972
 Website: http://www.angelfire.com/fl4/kskf

"I was saved at 19 years of age, became a born again Christian and have walked with the Lord ever since.  I am a youth ministry leader at my church and have recently enrolled in a Bible college.  I love the Lord with all my heart, and all my mind, and all my soul!"

Jim Pace
(joined on 1-29-00)
Primary Style: Okinawan Goju-ryu - white belt
Secondary Styles: Okinawan shorin-ryu - shodan, I have also trained in aikido-kung-fu mix,and also have trained in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu,I have taken a leave of absence from that system.
School: Practitioner / My goju school is not commercial it is more of a family setting, my instructor's name is Mike Gould.
Location: Bradenton, FL
Affiliations: I am not affiliated with any organizations at this time, but my instructor has been affiliated with the International Martial Arts Federation.
Training: I started training in the martial arts about 11 years ago. My first system was shorin-ryu.
"My walk with Messiah started about 11 years ago,well that is when I rededicated my life to Him.I came to know Him about 5 or 6 years before but I backslid shortly after.Then about 11 years ago I was having some hardships in my life and I called out to Him and well,He showed me I mean really showed me how much He really loves me,and He has been showing me ever since His mercy and grace."

Sifu Armando Sainz
 (started on 11-9-99)
Primary Style: Wing Chun Gung Fu / 9th Level Practitioner
School: Instructor / Centerline Academy
Location: 682 Sturdivant Ave., Atlantic Beach, FL  32233
Affiliations: Combat for Christ International
Training: Began in 1979
Website: www.letsgungfu.com

"I am a Jewish believer in the Messiah. Jesus has been a tower of refuge to me in all of my life's many trials. He is beautiful for situation! (where the rubber meets the road) I use my Wing Chun training to reach, not only my students with the Good News, but also other Wing Chun practitioners and instructors. Please contact me at iwingchun@hotmail.com if you practice Wing Chun and have any questions about God or if you would like some help getting started as a Christian Instructor of Wing Chun. Shalom and God Bless!"

Allen and Karen Sapp
(joined on 8-26-99)
Primary Style: Judo - Allen is a 6th degree black belt
and Karen is a 5th degree black belt
 School: Instructors / Conquerors Judo Club
Location: 851 Bright Meadow Dr., Lake Mary, FL  32746
Affiliations: United States Martial Arts Association; United States Judo Association;  Florida Judo, Inc.;  United States Judo, Inc.; and the
Amatuer Athletic Union
Training: Allen has been in judo for 37 years and Karen has been in for 18 years.

"Allen came to know the Lord at a very young age(10) and the Lord has been
faithful to Him for all those years (and the 10 years before that!)  He is an
ordained minister of the Gospel and a school teacher.  Karen came to know the
Lord in college and is also a school teacher and interprets for the deaf at

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